How to Choose a Good Removal Company in Sydney

Smart choices to minimise moving house costly is to pass to professional removalists.

Jun 15
Sammy Flinders

Removal Company

Whether you are moving to a new country, a new state, or just a couple of streets over, having a reliable moving or removal company to take care of the move can make your whole move a very smooth, problem-free process, like Metro Movers - Sydney. But how does one choose a good moving or removal service? If you’re confused about how to pick and choose a trustworthy moving company, use this article as a guide to help you make a decision.

Research About the Company

Check reviews from past customers to find out if the company that you’re looking at is reliable and professional. There are a lot of moving companies out there that offer ridiculously low rates. But the catch is that they might not be as efficient as an established moving company that charges slightly higher rates. Customer feedback is one of the main areas to check when considering hiring a moving or removal service in Sydney. It is also a good idea to ask friends and family for reference.

Can They Accommodate Your Schedule?

You’ll need movers who can accommodate your schedule and not the other way around. So find out if the moving or removal company that you’re looking for is available on the specific date and time that you want. If it is not, keep looking till you find one that can fit into your schedule, making your life easier. Most removalists and movers are busy during the weekends. So consider moving during the week if you can. An added advantage here would be that you will get better rates if you move during the week rather than the weekend.

Find Out About the Insurance That They Offer

When your furniture, electronics and other valuables are being moved, knowing that they are covered by a comprehensive insurance plan will help ease your mind. So find out what type and level of insurance each moving or removalist service has to offer. This is a very crucial factor, that is sadly often overlooked, when trying to choose a moving or removalist company in Sydney.

Compare Quotes

And of course, you need to compare quotes to find a service that is affordable. Be very clear about the services you need and what your budget is. Also, make sure there are no hidden costs. Ask for an easy-to-understand, detailed quotation. When a company offers unbelievably low rates, chances are that they will add on to it and the final amount you will end up paying will be much higher than the initial quote. Avoid such misunderstandings by asking them for a detailed quotation so you know exactly how much money you will be expected to pay at the end.

Do They Offer a Free Home Survey?

Most moving and removals company offer a free home survey. This is where a representative from the company comes to your house to evaluate and determine the time, manpower, and transportation that it will take to make the move efficiently. A home survey makes sure that both parties involved have a clear idea of how things are going to progress on moving day. The representative who does the home survey will also be able to give you a precise quote, based on how much stuff you have to be moved.

Do They Have Storage Options?

There have been instances where, on moving day, due to unforeseen circumstances, the move could not be completed. If such a scenario where to occur, does the moving company have an option for overnight storage? And if they do, how much do they charge for it? Knowing about all this in advance will keep you prepared in case of any last-minute hiccups.

Do They Offer Additional Services?

Does the moving service you’re looking at offer additional services? Many moving and removal companies in Sydney offer an array of additional services, from supplying packing materials such as boxes and bubble wrap, to dismantling and reassembling furniture. So check with the company to find out what additional services they offer.

How Good Is Their Customer Service?

One of the first things that help you make a positive, or negative, impression about a company, is how good their customer service is? Are they friendly and helpful? Do they answer all your queries and doubts with patience, providing you with all the information you asked for? You can tell a lot about a company by how they greet and connect with their potential customers. So feel free to pick up the phone, call the moving or removal service, and ask them about all the moving-related things that you need clarification on. And if they answer it all professionally and clear things up for you, they might just be the right people for you.

Other Factors to Consider

Here are some other factors to consider when choosing a moving company:

  • Where are they located? Make sure the movers are located near your area. Having the movers come from the other end of the city can cause a lot of chaos on moving day, especially if you’re under time constraints, especially in Sydney.
  • How exactly will the move be carried out? That is, how many people will be involved in the move, what vehicle will they be using to transport the goods, and how long will the move take? Knowing these things is essential to ensuring you do not have to face any unpleasant surprises on moving day.
  • How secure will the goods be if they are left with the movers for storage? If at all you need to leave the goods with the movers overnight, how secure will they be? Theft, water damage from rain, and other possible scenarios need to be considered.
  • Do they supply special packaging material to pack your expensive items such as the television and your desktop computer?

Just the thought of moving house can make most people break into a sweat. But when you’ve hired a professional moving or removal service, you can be rest assured that your move will happen in a smooth, efficient, and professional manner with minimal complications.